The Trip of a Lifetime

In the Summer of 2016, EarthRoamer teamed up with LifeProof and Matt Andrews and Hillary Federico for the Unleash Summer Roadtrip, an epic three month trip across the United States. Matt and Hillary traveled through 12 states checking out as many national parks, monuments, and historic sites as they could in one summer. We were happy to be able to help these two experience the trip of a lifetime in an EarthRoamer, which allowed them to get off the beaten path and experience some of the nation’s most beautiful and iconic scenery away from the crowds and from a fresh perspective.

Meet the Adventurers

Hailing from the small but great state of Rhode Island, Matt and Hillary are veteran thrill seekers. Over the course of this past summer, they put their skills to the test on the journey across America. With the help of their EarthRoamer XV-LTS the were able to overcome challenges, travel to the most hard to reach landmarks, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Route

May 18-19 // Valley of the Gods, Utah
May 20-22 // Overland Expo West, Arizona
May 24 // Sedona, Arizona
May 27 // Albuquerque, New Mexico
May 29 // Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
May 30 // Monahans Sandhills, Texas
June 2-4 // Austin, Texas
June 8 // Garden of the Gods, Colorado
June 9 // Laramie, Wyoming
June 11-12 // Grand Teton National Park
June 14 // Yellowstone National Park
June 17 // Big Sky, Montana

June 19 // Glacier National Park
June 21 // Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
June 24 // Mt. Rainer National Park
June 26 // Olympic National Park
June 29 // Mt. Hood National Forest
July 2 // Crater Lake National Park
July 5 // Redwood National Forest
July 7 // Pyramid Lake, Nevada
July 10 // Lake Tahoe, California
July 13 // Yosemite National Park
July 18 // San Francisco
July 21 // Big Sur, California

July 23-24 // Los Angeles, California
July 26-28 // Huntington Beach, California
July 29-30 // San Diego, California
August 3-4 // Las Vegas, Nevada
August 5-6 // Grand Canyon National Park
August 7-8 // Antelope Canyon, Arizona
August 11-12 // Zion National Park
August 14 // Bryce Canyon National Park
August 17 // Park City, Utah
August 19-20 // Moab, Utah
August 23 // Telluride, Colorado
August 24 // Great Sand Dunes National Park

Photo Gallery