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XV-LTS 188 – $615,000


XV-LT 127 – $315,000!

XV-LTS 138 – $405,000

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Meet the EarthRoamer Standard

Skip the waitlist for a new build and hit the road now in one of our reconditioned, “like-new” pre-owned XVs! Every pre-owned EarthRoamer sold through us is required to be brought to as “like-new” condition as possible and must pass our stringent 500+ inspection. This is the exact same inspection that every brand new EarthRoamer must pass and ensures a turn-key experience for the new owner.

Many of our repeat owners started with a pre-owned vehicle and enjoyed the experience so much they went on to build a brand new XV! It’s a great way to discover if the Roaming lifestyle is right for you, and to determine which features you really need.

Meet the EarthRoamer Standard

Pre-Owned Certified

EarthRoamer Certified™ Xpedition Vehicles are pre-owned vehicles that have less than 50,000 miles and are less than five years old. Many are indistinguishable from a new vehicle. They carry any remaining original warranty or a 90 day warranty on all EarthRoamer modifications, whichever is longer. Ford components may be covered by a separate Ford warranty; please ask if you are interested in a particular vehicle.

Pre-Owned Inspected

EarthRoamer Inspected™ Xpedition Vehicles pass the same intensive 500+ point inspection as those that are EarthRoamer Certified™, but are more than five years old, or the mileage is greater than 50,000 miles. EarthRoamer Inspected™ XVs are sold with a 10 day warranty on all EarthRoamer parts and modifications.

EarthRoamer Spec Vehicles

Ready to hit the road and don’t want to wait? We might have a spec unit available! On rare occasions we build “spec” EarthRoamers. Our spec trucks are designed for those who want the best, and want it sooner than our usual waitlist. Each spec truck is always brand new and fully loaded, with popular features and colors chosen by our experienced team, to ensure a wise investment. You get a premium rig, ready to ride, right now. This only happens a couple times a year; if you’re interested in learning more, please contact our sales department at or 303-833-7330 ext. 306

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How to Buy

Pre-Owned EarthRoamers sell quickly and our inventory is constantly changing. If you are interested in learning more about our current inventory or the consignment process, please call our Sales department at 303-833-7330 ext. 306

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