Purchasing and Pricing

Each EarthRoamer LTi is handcrafted and sold directly through our factory in Dacono, Colorado. Our waitlist is typically 7-10 months from the time of order. The initial deposit for LTi is $75,000, which is required along with a signed sales agreement in order to reserve the next production spot in your name. The base price of LTi is $695,000. A well equipped LTi will generally come out to a final price in the $750,000 – $800,000 range. If you would like to reserve a production position or learn more about the purchase process and lead time, please Contact Us.

The EarthRoamer Builder walks you through all our available options so you can tailor your rig for your specific style and needs . Once you have completed your build, be sure to save it so you can return to your build at a later date. You can also choose to submit your build if you’d like an EarthRoamer sales associate to contact you.

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If you would like to meet with a sales person to tour new and PreRoamed vehicles, please contact our Sales Department at 303-833-7330 ext. 306 or sales@earthroamer.com to schedule a personal appointment. We apologize, but we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.