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Come Roam With Us

Roam With Us

Owners’ Rallies

Every year we host our EarthRoamer Owners’ Rally somewhere in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, or Arizona. All EarthRoamer XV owners are invited to attend and share their passion for adventure with each other and our EarthRoamer team members. These rallies are typically 5 days of gorgeous backcountry drives, off road training, recovery training, campfire stories, music and camaraderie. Each evening we make camp in a remote, off grid location and gather around the campfire for happy hour, dinner and tall tales of adventure. Lasting friendships develop at our rallies and many EarthRoamer Owners go on to plan trips and travel together.

Owner Stories

Each and every one of our EarthRoamer owners is like family to us. Please follow along as we update this page with owner stories told through their own adventures.

EarthRoamer Adventures

Beyond our Owners’ Rallies, we offer EarthRoamer Adventures. These Adventures take smaller groups of owners to more extreme locations, often for several weeks at a time. We’ve lead owners through Alaska and Western Canada, to the beaches of Baja, and across the Mountain West.

Owner Travel Blogs

Many EarthRoamer owners are seeking adventures beyond the borders of the U.S. and have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles over every type of terrain imaginable, throughout Iceland, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Central America. Many EarthRoamer Owners have their own websites chronicling their travels. Follow our owners’ blogs and discover what the Roaming life is all about.