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Outdoor Living

Shelter and Lighting

The LTS comes standard with a sixteen foot electrically operated awning to provide shelter from the sun and rain. The awning extends approximately eight feet and no support beams are necessary. The integrated wind sensor will automatically retract the awning in the presence of high winds. High output, dimmable LED lighting is located on the awning and the sides and the rear of the vehicle to illuminate the surroundings.


The LTS provides an extensive amount of outside accessible enclosed storage, as well as structural mounting points for optional storage boxes, a bicycle rack, or outdoor kitchen setup. Total exterior storage space is approximately 24 cubic feet in two separate lockable storage compartments. The lower locker is 12 cubic feet and ideal for long or bulky items such as skis, fishing rods, tents, folding chairs, barbecue grills, tool boxes and inflatable kayaks. This space is approximately 84 inches wide by 20 inches tall by 12 inches deep. The door hinges at the bottom and opens to form a work surface. The upper locker provides an additional 12 cubic feet of storage space and has two removable shelves. This area is perfect for smaller items.

Optional, bumper mounted, swing out storage boxes can provide another 12.5 cubic feet of space and the ability to add an exterior kitchen. The keyless entry system is integrated into the storage lockers and optional storage boxes and allows easy locking of everything at once with the touch of a button.

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