Off Grid Living

Solar Power

Quiet, efficient and non-polluting solar power has been a cornerstone of EarthRoamer design since 2000 when an early EarthRoamer prototype (the ER2K) was built. At a time when few, if any RV’s had more than 10-20 watts of solar power and most had none, the ER2K was built with an unprecedented 170 watts solar panel array. By the time the original XV-LT was launched in 2003, solar technology improvements and the larger roof area of the XV-LT enabled us to provide 510 watts of solar power. Today with continued improvement in solar panel technology, the EarthRoamer LTS comes standard with 1,320 watt of solar power.

One of the many benefits of an inexhaustible power source that is working every single day from sunrise to sunset is obvious. With our large solar panel array, the LTS can accumulate a significant amount of power – even on overcast days – and keep the battery bank topped off. The large solar panel array easily keeps up with the high efficiency refrigerator which means that as long as the EarthRoamer is outside and exposed to daylight, you can keep the fridge stocked, and fan or heater running for extended periods of time without needing to be plugged in.

Power Storage

Power produced from solar, the engine driven alternators, and shore power is stored in a large battery bank consisting of four absorbed glass matt (AGM) batteries that store an impressive 12 kWh of energy. These batteries are completely sealed, long lasting, have low internal resistance for fast charging, and can holdup to vibrations and off road use.

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