Introducing the all new EarthRoamer LTi

The newest EarthRoamer model represents the epitome of RV innovation, integrating the best qualities of LTS and HD while introducing concepts that have never been seen before among expedition vehicles.

The EarthRoamer LTi distills the knowledge we have gained from building nearly 300 Expedition Vehicles since 1998. These adventure vehicles have accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles on some of the world’s harshest roads and trails, and have spent tens of thousands of nights camping in every weather condition on Earth.

Please join us in welcoming EarthRoamer LTi. Its vacuum-infused carbon fiber camper body, lithium-ion battery, bunk side windows, and raised ceiling height are all built on the Ford F-550 chassis that we know and love. This fully-equipped ultimate off-road camper is the most advanced EarthRoamer XV ever made and comes ready to hit the road, or whatever you choose to drive it on, the moment we hand you the keys.

What’s New

  • Vacuum-Infused Carbon Fiber Camper Body
  • Digital Electrical Control Systems
  • Frameless, Flush-Mount Glass Windows
  • Increased Water Capacity
  • Side Bunk Windows
  • Increased Stand-Up Height
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Bank
  • Auto Charge Function
  • Lower Entry Step
  • Multicolor Indirect Interior Lighting

The biggest news with our all-new LTi is the completely carbon fiber body. Advanced spacecraft, military aircraft, exotic sports cars, high-end yachts, and even high-end bikes and sporting equipment utilize carbon fiber. When low body weight, high performance, and unyielding strength are key in a vehicle, odds are its body is probably made with carbon fiber. While most of the RV and Expedition Vehicles in the marketplace are still using technologies developed in the 1950s, EarthRoamer has advanced to crafting with vacuum-infused, carbon-fiber construction. All LTi bodies are produced using a Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) to create and bond two carbon fiber skins to a structural foam core, resulting in a monocoque carbon fiber body that is much stronger and lighter than any traditional RV or overland camper body.

It is a process that required a large investment in molds, highly-skilled composite technicians, and expensive materials, but we believe the benefits of the significantly lighter weight and higher strength create value for our customers that is worth the investment and cost. EarthRoamer LTi bodies are 100% designed and manufactured in house at our factory in Dacono, Colorado giving us complete control over quality and schedule.


  • Four Season, All-Weather Capable
  • Self-Sufficient, No Propane, No Noisy Generator
  • Massive Rooftop Solar Array
  • Full Height Bathroom with Shower and Cassette Toilet
  • Intelligently Designed Luxury Interior
  • Massive Fuel and Water Tanks
  • Heavy Duty Ford F-550 4WD Chassis
  • Powerful, Efficient, Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Multiple Floor Plans Available
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, Built Custom to Order


gallons of diesel

gallons of fresh water

gallon capacity grey water

watts of solar power

Watt hour lithium ion battery bank
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‘i’ Is For Innovation.

Even though the advances in the LTi are, in many cases, revolutionary, there are also many evolutionary changes. We don’t make changes for the sake of making changes — we make changes that truly enhance or improve upon the LT’s mission of providing fully self-contained, luxury off-grid living in a robust overland vehicle. The fundamental design of the original LT is carried on in the latest LTi design, but many attributes of the design have been improved and advanced using the latest technologies available today.


LTi Floor Plans

With just as many floor plan options as the LTS, there is sure to be the perfect layout for each individual LTi off-road camper owner. The floor plans available for LTi are the Telluride, Gunnison, Breckenridge, Crestone, Durago, and Aspen.

The Telluride – Offers the greatest amount of seating with our longest sofas, small pantry, and shortest galley. Seats 6; Sleeps up to 4.
The Gunnison – This new floor plan offers a large amount of seating with one medium and one long sofa, small pantry, and medium galley. Seats 5; Sleeps up to 4.
The Crestone –
This floor plan offers the same generous amount of kitchen and counter space as The Aspen as well as the additional galley storage on the passenger side. The driver side features a medium length sofa and a large pantry. Seats 3; Sleeps up to 3.
The Breckenridge
– Our most popular floorplan, the Breckenridge features a dinette booth with dedicated work and eating space on the driver side. The dinette can convert to a 6’ bed. The passenger side offers the medium galley and medium sofa. Seats 4; Sleeps up to 4.
The Durango – This new floor plan features a dinette booth with dedicated work and eating space on the driver side. The dinette can convert to a 6’ bed. The passenger side offers a small galley and long sofa. Seats 5; Sleeps up to 4.
The Aspen – Maximizes the kitchen and counter space with our longest galley and additional galley storage on the passenger side. The driver side features the same dinette booth as the Breckenridge floor plan. Seats 3; Sleeps up to 3.

How To Buy

Each EarthRoamer LTi is handcrafted and sold directly through our factory in Dacono, Colorado. Our waitlist is typically 7-10 months from the time of order. The initial deposit for LTi is $50,000, which is required along with a signed sales agreement in order to reserve the next production spot in your name. The base price of LTi is $620,000. A well equipped LTi will generally come out to a final price in the $680,000 – $730,000 range. If you would like to reserve a production position or learn more about the purchase process and lead time, please Contact Us:, 303-833-7330.


The EarthRoamer Builder walks you through all our available options so you can tailor your rig for your specific style and needs. Once you have completed your build, be sure to save it so you can return to your build at a later date. You can also choose to submit your build if you’d like an EarthRoamer sales associate to contact you. Click here to see what standard features are included in the LTi.

If you would like to meet with a sales person to tour new and PreRoamed vehicles, please contact our Sales Department at 303-833-7330 ext. 306 or to schedule a personal appointment. We apologize, but we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.