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Kitchen and Dining

Food Storage

A slide-out pantry provides ample and readily accessible storage of non-refrigerated items and dry goods. An optional wine rack holds up to 5 bottles of wine, four engraved wine glasses and a wine opener. The high-capacity 8 cubic foot, low power consumption 12-volt DC compressor refrigerator/freezer efficiently stores cold food and drinks. Unlike absorption three-way refrigerators, the compressor refrigerator does not require level operation, and can be used on ferries and in tunnels. The solar panels and battery bank easily keep up with the refrigerator, so you can keep your stocked refrigerator running at all times and be ready to head out on an adventure on a moment’s notice.


Cooking appliances include both a large convection microwave oven and a ceramic induction cook top. Whether you are cooking an entire meal, baking cookies or just reheating leftovers, the convection microwave is up to the task with an easy to follow LED display. A flip up counter increases space for food preparation while a cutting board fits neatly in the front half of the sink. For coffee drinkers an optional single brew Keurig coffee maker is available. 

Clean Up

The large stainless steel sink, touch activated pull out faucet and built in soap dispenser makes cleanup a breeze. A macerator pump in the sink grinds up small food particles and ensures that the drain line will not become clogged. The slide out trash system provides convenient trash storage and an area to store cleaning supplies. There is also a compact folding broom mounted under the galley.

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