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Changing Room

The bathroom door and closet door are designed to be latched together to provide a changing room and access to dry towels and clothes after showering. This effectively increases the size of the bathroom when showering and dressing by temporarily converting living space to bathroom space without wasting precious interior space with a permanent large bathroom.

Cassette Toilet

The LTi utilizes a cassette toilet waste handling system popular with European camper designs. By using a cassette toilet, exposure to waste is minimized and waste disposal is greatly simplified. The waste holding cassette is accessible via an access door from the outside of the camper and can be emptied into a dump station, conventional toilet or pit/vault toilet. The cassette tank has a capacity of five gallons which for two people will need to be emptied approximately every two to three days. The convenience of emptying the cassette far outweighs the need to dispose of waste more frequently and an additional cassette can be carried in the rear locker for additional capacity. With the cassette solution, there is no large waste tank to empty and no sewage hose to handle. This is an elegant solution that allows for convenient waste disposal in remote locations and during the winter, when traditional RV dump stations are not available.


With the wet bath design, the entire bathroom becomes a luxurious shower and doesn’t waste the space that a dedicated shower would. A removable shower wand on a height adjustable slide bar provides excellent water pressure and steady hot water. The ability to shower in the comfort of your EarthRoamer will keep you refreshed and ready to experience the next adventure.

Heating and Ventilation

A variable speed exhaust fan quickly eliminates moisture and odors from the bathroom and forced air heat keeps the bathroom warm in cold weather, also providing double duty as a clothes dryer. Simply hang wet jackets, clothes or gear on the built-in clothesline and turn on the exhaust fan and heater. Any excess water simply drains into the shower pan, and the forced air heat and exhaust fan dries items quickly.

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