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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation


A compact, safe and efficient German-engineered diesel fueled heater keeps the interior temperature comfortable down to temperatures well below -20 degrees F. The heater is controlled by a digital thermostat and hot air is ducted into the cabin and the bathroom. The heater aboard the LTS features multiple heat output levels ranging from 2,900 to 7,500 Btu and air flow rates of 19 – 48 cubic feet per minute. It has its own fuel pump and draws fuel from the aft 40 gallon diesel fuel tank. Both fuel consumption (.026 – .070 gallons per hour) and electrical power consumption (.67 – 2.80 amps) are minimal and plenty of fuel and battery power are available for continuous cold weather operation. Our heater draws combustion air from outside of the vehicle and exhaust gases are emitted from a muffler and exhaust pipe at the rear of the vehicle. The heater is functional at all elevations and the correct fuel to air mixture is maintained by a continuously variable altitude compensator.

Air Conditioning

Dual 7,000 BTU high efficiency air conditioners remove humidity and provide cool air to keep you comfortable in hot and humid weather. A digital control with integrated thermostat makes it easy to control and adjust temperature. Air is ducted to the living room, bathroom and bunk. Because there are two separate units you can run the front unit, the rear unit or both. This maximizes run time by only cooling what you need. The air conditioners can run for a period of 4-8 hours depending on conditions, before recharging is required.


Exhaust Fans

The LTS is equipped with two built-in electric ventilation fans, located in the main cabin and the bathroom, which are variable speed with a reversible airflow switch (in or out air flow) and rain sensor. Fan speed can be controlled by manually selecting a fan speed or by setting the desired temperature and the fan will speed up at high temperature differentials and slow down as the desired temperature is achieved. The built in rain sensor closes the dome and turns off the fan when the sensor becomes wet and the dome automatically reopens when the sensor dries. A rain sensor shut off switch and a back up manual dome open/close knob are also provided. In typical operation in low humidity environments, many owners find that the fan and open windows are more than adequate to keep the camper interior cool and comfortable.


German engineered windows with integrated blinds and bug screens are used throughout the LTS. The windows are dual pane acrylic and have excellent thermal insulation properties and eliminate condensation common with standard RV windows. Integrated bug-screens and blackout roller blinds can be clipped together and simultaneously adjusted with only one hand. The aluminum coated roller blinds block all visible light and also keep radiant energy out of the vehicle in hot weather decreasing the energy required to keep the interior cool. Three position telescopic supports with top hinge mounts allow the windows to open up completely, enabling excellent ventilation and keeping the interior dry even in a light rain. A security locking handle prevents unwanted opening from the outside and provides one handed operation.

Roof Hatch

A large 36″ X 24″ roof hatch is operated with a remote control and opens electrically to a maximum 70 degree angle to provide excellent ventilation, views of the sky and access to the roof. The roof hatch features a dual pane acrylic cover, pleated fly net, honeycomb blind, and rain sensor. The innovative Duette honeycomb blind material with hollow chamber construction offers the greatest possible thermal insulation, and the inner aluminum lining reflects up to 99% of harmful UV rays. If the roof hatch is left open and it starts to rain, the rain sensor will automatically close the hatch.

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