EarthRoamer Certified™ Pre-owned Xpedition Vehicles

If the price of a new EarthRoamer is beyond your budget or you are just looking for an incredible value, an EarthRoamer Certified™ Pre-Owned Xpedition Vehicle may be the answer for you. EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles are built to last a lifetime (and then some), so many EarthRoamer owners have discovered that a used high quality EarthRoamer XV is a much better value than a new RV.

EarthRoamer Certified™ Xpedition Vehicles are hand selected and meticulously inspected. Only the best pre-owned vehicles that have less than 50,000 miles and are less than five years old and have passed our intensive 500+ point inspection are designated as EarthRoamer Certified™ – no exceptions. This is the exact same inspection that each new EarthRoamer must pass where every functional system is tested for compliance with factory specifications by the same craftsmen who originally built the vehicle. If problems are discovered that cannot be repaired to EarthRoamer standards the vehicle will not be certified. Cosmetically, EarthRoamer Certified™ Xpedition Vehicles may have minor paint scratches and show signs of minor use, but many are indistinguishable from a new vehicle and carry a 90 day warranty on all EarthRoamer modifications. Ford components may be covered by a Ford warranty, please ask if you are interested in a particular vehicle.

EarthRoamer Inspected™ XVs pass the same intensive 500+ point inspection as those that are EarthRoamer Certified™, but are more than five years old, or the mileage is greater than 50,000 miles. All systems are tested to be functional at the time of the sale. EarthRoamer Inspected™ Xpedition Vehicles are sold with a 10 day warranty on all EarthRoamer parts and modifications.

Our new vehicle production schedule is booked well in advanced of delivery, but if you want an EarthRoamer earlier, the good news is that we frequently have well equipped pre-owned EarthRoamer XV-LT’s for sale on consignment. Our inventory changes frequently and many vehicles are sold before they can be posted on our web site, so if you have a serious interest we highly recomend giving us a call to discuss your needs and our current inventory.

Owner’s sell their EarthRoamers for a variety of reasons. Frequently we have pre-owned EarthRoamers for sale because an owner is upgrading to a new EarthRoamer. In fact, 27 EarthRoamer owners have bought two or more EarthRoamers, eight have owned three or more EarthRoamers, and two owners are on their fourth EarthRoamer. We are proud to have a customer loyalty record unmatched by any other expedition vehicle manufacturer!

152 Side Passenger(resized)

XV-LTS #152

16,850 miles
EarthRoamer Certified™

ER 135.31.38-small

2013 XV-LTS #135 – SOLD!

40,650 miles
EarthRoamer Certified™

53 Side Driver(resized)

XV-LT #53 – SOLD!

60,200 miles
EarthRoamer Inspected™