Annual Owner’s Rallies

Every year we host our EarthRoamer Owner’s Rally somewhere within a day’s drive of our Colorado factory – typically in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, or Arizona. All EarthRoamer XV owners and as many EarthRoamer employees as practical are invited to attend. These rallies usually last 3 ­– 4 days. Our days are filled with trail runs, sightseeing, boat rides, train rides, zip lining, off road training, recovery training – you get the idea – any fun activity we can come up with! Late afternoon or early evening we return to camp and everyone gathers around the campfire for happy hour, dinner and tall tales of adventure late into the night.

The Owner’s Rally is the perfect place to meet like minded adventurers and share ideas. Many friendships develop at the Owner’s Rallies and more and more EarthRoamer Owner’s are planning trips and traveling together. With over 170 EarthRoamer’s on the road, the Owner’s Rallies are growing in size each year and become more and more fun!

Owners’ Blogs

Many EarthRoamer Owners have their own web sites chronicling their travels and adventures all over the world. Dick and Pip Smith were the first to drive an EarthRoamer completely around the world, but they definitely won’t be the last.  Joe and Sue Rickenbacker have already explored the US and Canada and are now touring Europe . Carl and Nancy Noah have traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada to Baja, Mexico and have many great stories and photos on their website.

While some people are content to “explore the world” with a TV remote from the comfort of their couch, EarthRoamer XV owners are out really exploring!

Bill’s Travels

EarthRoamer Founder, President & CEO Bill Swails has driven an EarthRoamer as far south as Costa Rica and as far north as Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. When Bill isn’t behind the wheel of an EarthRoamer, he’s probably out exploring on foot or on his motorcycle.

Bill has climbed 41 mountains over 14,000 feet tall, including Mt. Rainier (Washington’s tallest mountain), Mt. Whitney (California’s highest peak) and Mt. Elbert (Colorado’s tallest). Bill recently developed a passion for motorcycles and in the three short years has ridden through nine US states, Spain and Morocco. Bill is also a passionate wildlife, landscape and travel photographer and enjoys documenting the amazing placed he has had the good fortune to explore.