Advanced Design


The chassis starts with the strong and powerful F-750 platform. Because the chassis isn’t available from the factory with 4wd, a conversion is necessary. By adding a solid drive axle to the front and a user selectable transfer case, the F-750 transforms to a very capable expedition platform. A rear air ride suspension along with a hydraulic leveling system deliver excellent handling and easy in-camp leveling.


The foundation of the HD is the carbon fiber camper body. Using the latest in vacuum infusing technology, we’re able to build a body that is extremely strong and significantly lighter than other construction methods. Using a molded body allows curves, radii and style lines that combine to create an aesthetic that is unlike anything else on the market. In addition, there is no metallic framing which increases R-value and eliminates moisture condensation that can lead to mildew and mold. Because the body is one piece, there are minimal seams or sealants to maintain, creating a water tight structure that will maintain its integrity for decades to come.


The body is insulated using a sprayed-in closed cell foam insulation. This provides the ultimate insulation – eliminating drafts to create a quiet, cozy interior. The unit is also extremely efficient, requiring less energy to heat or cool which preserves valuable battery capacity.

Heating and Cooling

The primary method for heating the HD is with in-floor radiant heat. This system allows us to keep very even heat throughout the vehicle and eliminate cold spots and drafts. Because the whole mass is heated from the inside out, everything will be remain warm – even in the coldest of outside temperatures. There is also a redundant air heating system to get the cabin up to temperature quickly. Air Conditioning is handled by two roof mounted, high efficiency DC air conditioners. Each unit is ducted in the roof allowing even and selectable air flow to the area you need it most. This allows you to concentrate the air to just the bedroom area for sleeping which only requires one air conditioner instead of two. This will save battery and allow the air conditioning to run longer per battery charge. To greatly increase the system’s efficiency these units operate on DC electrical power, eliminating the need to invert DC to AC which is required by most systems.

Battery Bank

The electrical system is built around a 20KWh lithium battery bank. Lithium provides more than double the energy per pound compared to a standard AGM battery bank, while also reducing voltage drop. This allows you to power more for longer, without the need to recharge.

Auto Charging System

The charging system is comprised of two engine-driven high amperage alternators that rapidly charge the battery bank. The system will automatically detect when the battery bank is low, and start the engine for a 30 minute charging cycle. This eliminates the need for traditional generators and allows you to use the power you need without worrying when to charge the system.

Touch Screen Master Control Center

All the electrical components in the HD are connected to a network of solid state interfaces – all controlled by a centrally mounted touch screen panel. This allows easy access to all of the vital systems on the vehicle including tank levels, battery and charging information, circuit information and overall vehicle status. Because everything is networked, it’s possible to add smart controlled features that will perform multiple functions with the touch of a button. For instance, if you want to store the vehicle, you can press the “Store Vehicle” button which will turn off all systems and put all components in the proper configuration for storing. iPad and iPhone integration allows control from anywhere in or around the vehicle.

Water Systems

Extremely large fresh, grey and black water tanks combined with a system capable of producing continuous hot water allows the ability to shower as long as you wish without the worry of running out of water. The large capacities also give you the freedom to stay out for longer before needing to refill.


The interior of the HD is built to the highest standards. Materials and the overall aesthetic are completely customizable so you can create a one of a kind vehicle that will be like no other on the road. Start with one of our floor plans, then customize as you see fit to satisfy all of your individual needs.

Outdoor Living

A large auto-retracting awning with dimmable LED lighting combined with an optional slide-out exterior kitchen lets you create your favorite meal in comfort in the wilderness. The exterior shower is perfect for spraying off dirt, sand, mud, or snow off shoes, dogs, or anything else before entering your HD.

If you would like to meet with a sales person to tour new and PreRoamed vehicles, please contact our Sales Department at 303-833-7330 ext. 306 or to schedule a personal appointment. We apologize, but we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.