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On and Off Road Driving

On and Off Road Driving

The EarthRoamer LTi is very easy to drive both on and off road and requires no special licensing. If you can drive a full size pickup truck, you can drive the LTi. In fact, the Ford F-550 cab is exactly the same cab that is used on Ford F-250 and F-350’s. The LTi is more narrow than many other expedition vehicles and RVs which enables driving in small towns and on narrow roads and trails. Many expedition vehicles and RVs are simply too big to go where the LTi can go. The Ford F-550 chassis also features a 50 degree wheel cut that enables very tight turning circles and contributes greatly to easy maneuverability.

On Road

As much as we would like to imagine that the majority of our time on an expedition will be spent camping in remote and exotic places, the fact of the matter is you will likely spend a significant amount of time driving on improved roads before reaching remote locations. Being able to cover long distances comfortably at highway speeds becomes more than just a luxury when you are on an extended expedition. Most large commercial and military trucks that expedition vehicles are based on are designed for hauling large, heavy loads at relatively slow speeds and driver comfort is at best an afterthought. Ford continues to make improvements to comfort and drivability with each new generation of their Super Duty truck line. The quietness, smoothness and comfort of the new commercial duty trucks introduced in model year 2017 is nothing short of amazing. The Ford designed 6.7 liter is so quiet you can barely hear it running, and it runs so clean that the inside of the exhaust pipe looks like new even after thousands of miles of driving. With a massive 750 lb-ft of torque coupled to a ten speed automatic transmission that features manual shift override and tow/haul mode, the EarthRoamer LTi has plenty of acceleration and grade pulling power.

Off Road

The ability to drive off road on trails and unimproved roads is the single most important factor separating EarthRoamer XVs from traditional RVs. While four wheel drive is a necessary requirement for off road driving, four wheel drive alone is not enough. Without sufficient ground clearance, robust tires with aggressive tread patterns, a low center of gravity, good articulation, and sufficient power, no vehicle will make it very far once it leaves pavement. With a limited slip differential and good ground clearance, the base Ford F-550 4WD is a very capable off road vehicle, but after we convert the Super Duty base to the LTi, it becomes an incredibly capable off road machine.

Approach, departure, and break-over angles are substantially improved with our conversion. By upgrading to 41 inch military tires with aggressive tread patterns, EarthRoamer maximizes ground clearance, approach, departure and break-over angles and achieves the maximum in off-road capability. Along with the tires, a full suspension swap is performed with new air-ride suspension, shocks, and sway bars to handle even the toughest terrain. Also, a standard on-board high capacity air compressor makes it easy to air tires back up after airing down on trails.

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