2018 Owners’ Rally

When Bill Swails started EarthRoamer in 1998 he could scarcely imagine that 20 years later, there’d be more than 200 Roamers on the road and a tight-knit community of owners across the country and beyond.

For our 2018 20th Anniversary Owners’ Rally, 42 EarthRoamers converged on Area BFE in Moab, UT for a week of camaraderie amongst owners and staff, epic scenery, and adventures throughout one of the most unique landscapes in the country. Along with all of the incredible sights, we had the opportunity to take courses in offroading, winch operation, battery and power management, and emergency medicine with Certified Medical Trainer Carl Gilmore.

Check out the gallery below for a look into this adventure.


If you would like to meet with a sales person to tour new and PreRoamed vehicles, please contact our Sales Department at 303-833-7330 ext. 306 or sales@earthroamer.com to schedule a personal appointment. We apologize, but we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.