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Our Mission

At EarthRoamer we build the world’s best expedition vehicles by continuing to set the bar for quality, craftsmanship, design, innovation, functionality and reliability in an ethical and sustainable manner while treating our suppliers like friends and our customers and employees like family.

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The EarthRoamer Team

The EarthRoamer Family

The EarthRoamer team delivers a new rig.

From our humble beginnings as an Xpedition Vehicle manufacturer with only two employees, “The EarthRoamer Family” of employees and owners has grown dramatically. EarthRoamer now provides jobs and incomes for more than fifty employees and their families, and the EarthRoamer family of satisfied owners now numbers in the hundreds. EarthRoamer employs a dedicated full-time staff of craftsman with specialized skills and experience in cabinet making, woodworking, wiring, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, off road suspensions, metalworking, welding and diesel mechanics. Our professional staff has skills and training in 3D CAD, engineering, and systems design. EarthRoamer employees understand the value of craftsmanship and quality, and we take pride in the world class products that we build.

Colorado Made

Colorado Made

Every EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle is designed and engineered in Colorado, and hand built by Colorado craftsmen. All sales, service and new vehicle production is performed at our Colorado facility located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. EarthRoamer is proud to be a certified Colorado Made company and proud to employ hardworking Coloradans for every aspect of our vehicle production. Please visit us to tour our facilities and see why we are proud to be Colorado Made!

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