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The Dream …

Earthroamer ER2k in Alaska.

In 1998, EarthRoamer’s founder Bill Swails set out to build something he couldn’t find at the time, an expedition vehicle that would comfortably and capably take him to the most remote places on Earth so he could pursue his passion of wildlife photography. He began building out his Dodge Ram but soon determined off the shelf components wouldn’t meet his needs. That’s when he decided to build a camper the way he wanted it to be – reliable, capable, comfortable and with plenty of water and fuel to get him to the backcountry and stay there in comfort for extended periods of time.

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Making It a Reality

EarthRoamer is invited to Ford's 100th Anniversary.

In 2003, Bill’s dream of creating a four wheel drive, go anywhere, do anything expedition vehicle came true with the first EarthRoamer production unit. Bill’s creation was an all weather, all season vehicle designed from the ground-up to be capable of traveling over all types of terrain while providing a luxurious camping experience – all without the need for water, sewer or electrical hookups. He named this incredible machine the EarthRoamer XV-LT. The “XV” stands for Xpedition Vehicle and the “LT” is for Luxury Terrain. EarthRoamer coined the term “Xpedition Vehicle” or “XV” to differentiate our vehicles from traditional “Recreational Vehicles” or “RVs”.

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Where We Are Today

XV-LTS  #131 in Canyonlands.

In 2011, we expanded the product line with our 2′ longer EarthRoamer XV-LTS (“S” for Stretch). The longer LTS offers more space for multiple floor plans and additional amenities and has quickly become our flagship product, replacing the original LT altogether. President and COO Tyler Tatro led the aesthetic revamp, introducing new wood types, layouts and custom finishes to bring the XV-LTS to the next level in luxury overland vehicles.

Now 20 years after Bill’s initial dream, we are the undisputed leader in the luxury overland industry. With more than 200 EarthRoamer vehicles on the road, our mission has become our owners’ dreams. We are committed to building the highest quality product possible and continue to push the envelope on technological advances. We have stayed true to our origin, creating the world’s best overland expedition vehicles for those who want to comfortably and capably chase their own wilderness dreams.

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Welcome to the Future

XV-LTS  #131 in Canyonlands.

In 2017, we completed our biggest project in the history of the company and released the XV-HD, an F-750 based luxury overland vehicle with an unrivaled combination of off-road capability, luxury amenities, and cutting edge technology and systems. From concept to completion, this project took nearly 10 years, but now that is complete, EarthRoamer has taken a step into the future of what luxury overland vehicles can be.

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