Living Room

When reading, working on the computer, playing cards, playing board games, watching TV, watching a movie – or whatever else you like to do in your leisure time – the EarthRoamer XV-LT provides generous “living room space.” Essentially, the inside of the camper has three distinct living areas. With the large camper to cab pass-through, the cab of the truck can be used as an additional room with comfortable “captain chair” seating. Curtains are provided between the camper and truck cab to separate the two areas, providing for both privacy and thermal insulation in the camper. The over-cab bunk makes a great lounge area for reading, watching TV or listening to music. The main cabin area provides dinette seating for 4 (up to 6 with the XV-LT Stretch model) and is perfect for hanging out with family and friends, playing games or working on a computer.

Innovative EarthRoamer Designed Table

The EarthRoamer designed expandable, swivel table is mounted on a swing-arm making it easy to stow it out of the way when traveling, yet provides a large table surface when needed. It can be used as a small table for one or two people, expanded to a larger table for four or more, or swung into the cab area and used as an end table when sharing drinks with family and friends.

Big, Bright Windows

A large number of large windows keep the interior bright and open. The dual pane, German engineered acrylic windows and roof hatch are extremely well insulated and feature integrated shades and bug screens. If you find yourself traveling in Alaska in the summer when it never gets dark, or just want to take an afternoon nap, simply close the shades and darken the interior. The windows hinge out from the top with three distinct latch positions providing excellent ventilation, even in light rain. Unlike many expedition vehicles with small windows and a coffin-like interior, the large bright windows in an EarthRoamer will make you feel like part of the outdoors even when you are inside your camper.


With the optional premium entertainment package consisting of HD satellite TV, 32 inch LED HDTV and Bose 5.1 surround sound, you can enjoy high quality music, high definition TV, and movies on the road. The EarthRoamer engineered TV mount enables convenient TV viewing from both the upper bunk as well as the dinette seating area, and latches securely to the bunk wall when traveling.

Keeping it all Organized

Finally, a magazine rack, iPod/iPhone charging station and clothes hooks located throughout the camper along with ample storage in the closet and cabinets will help to keep you organized.