Kitchen & Dining

When configured for kitchen and dining duty the EarthRoamer XV-LT provides everything necessary to prepare and enjoy meals inside the camper. While we frequently barbecue and eat outside, it is nice to know that you have a comfortable and capable kitchen and dining area if the weather turns bad or the bugs get too big. With modern appliances like a stainless refrigerator/freezer and stainless convection microwave, along with luxuries like a granite countertop and deep stainless sink, and innovations like a ceramic cook top stove that uses diesel fuel and a high efficiency compressor refrigerator that does not need to be level to operate, EarthRoamer XV-LTs will enable you to prepare gourmet meals in the middle of nowhere and satisfy even the most discriminating cooks and foodies.

Any useful kitchen must provide for ample food storage including frozen, refrigerated and dry goods, a place for pots, pans, plates, silverware and utensils, cooking facilities, food preparation  areas, a dining area and a sink and water supply for cleaning up after enjoying your meal.  Not surprisingly, EarthRoamer XV-LT’s provide for all of this and more.

Food Storage

A large slide-out pantry (or pantries depending on model and options chosen) provides for ample and readily accessible storage of non-refrigerated items and dry goods. An optional wine locker hold up to 7 bottles of wine, four engraved wine glasses and a wine opener. The high capacity 7.1 cubic foot, low power consumption 12 volt DC compressor refrigerator/freezer efficiently stores cold drinks  and food. Unlike absorption three-way refrigerators, the compressor refrigerator does not require level operation, and can be used on ferries and in tunnels. The solar panels and battery bank easily keep up with the refrigerator, so you can keep  your stocked refrigerator running at all times and be ready to head out on an adventure on a moment’s notice.


Cooking appliances include both a large convection microwave oven and a diesel fueled ceramic cook top. The innovative ceramic diesel cook top functions much like an electric ceramic cook top found in high end home kitchens but uses diesel fuel directly from your fuel tank and operates much more efficiently. Unlike propane stoves used in many RVs and expedition vehicles, the diesel cook top draws combustion air from outside the vehicle and emits no water vapor into the camper. In addition, with the diesel cook stove there is no open flame reducing the chance of fire. Whether you are cooking an entire meal or just reheating leftovers the convection microwave is up to the task with an easy to follow LED display. With this advanced microwave, everything from baking bread and cookies to broil a steak, and microwaving vegetables becomes a simple task. For coffee drinker’s an optional single brew Keurig coffee maker is available.

Food Preparation & Dining

Food preparation areas include a large flip-up counter, a cutting board over the sink, and a cutting board over the stove when it is not being used. The EarthRoamer designed bi-level swing-arm table can accommodate up to six people for dining depending on model and options chosen.


After the meal is finished, a large deep stainless sink, pull out sprayer faucet and built in soap dispenser makes cleanup a breeze.  A macerator pump in the sink grinds up small food particles and ensures that the drain line will not become clogged. Under the counter (mounted on the galley cabinet door) is a handy trash can and I compact folding broom is also mounted under the galley.

Having the ability to carry, store and cook healthy, nutritious food is critical to the success of the EarthRoamer XV-LT and contributes greatly to it being The Civilized Way to Escape Civilization™.