The EarthRoamer XV-LT model line can comfortable sleep from four to six people depending on configuration and options chosen. EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed to provide comfortable sleeping for two adults and two children, and the XV-LT Stretch and XV-LT Super Stretch models can provide comfortable sleeping for up to six people. A large comfortable bed that enables a good night’s sleep is a requirement to enjoying your “home away from home.” Having your own comfortable bed to sleep in each night will enable you to awake each morning rested and alert and make your journey enjoyable and safe.    

EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed with extremely large cab-over primary beds – up to a California King size – which provides many benefits over other RV and expedition vehicle designs. Conventional RV’s and many expedition vehicles provide a fixed bed in the main living area which dramatically reduces the useable space of the main living area. Some vehicles provide a convertible bed in the main living area as a primary bed which requires converting the space from sleeping to living and making up the bed every day. Others only provide small, cramped cab-over beds unsuitable for adults .

With the dedicated cab-over space for the main bed in the EarthRoamer XV-LT, one person can lounge in bed while another works at the galley or sits in the main living area. Want to take a nap in the middle of the day? No problem, the bed is always available and out of the way. A large roof hatch provide views of the stars at night and two small front windows provide views looking forward. Both the roof hatch and front windows provide excellent ventilation in the bunk area. Several mattress options are available to meet individual owner’s needs including foam with a memory foam topper, adjustable plastic bed springs, and a Tempur-Pedic® mattress.

Several options are available for additional sleeping in our XV-LT model line including bunk seats that convert to a twin size bed (queen size in the XV-LT Stretch), long bench seats suitable for sleeping in the XV-LT Stretch and XV-LT Super Stretch models, and a cot in the rear of the cab suitable for smaller adults and children.