When camping an XV-LT provides all of the amenities of home in a versatile and compact size that is warm and inviting. The interior design of the EarthRoamer XV-LT is luxurious, yet simple and durable with contemporary European and yacht design influences. Natural hardwoods, granites and leathers complimented with accents of stainless steel proved a warm, inviting and comfortable interior. Unlike many American RVs that seem to be stuck in the 80s with their “floral” and “country” motifs, and expedition vehicles with sterile, uninviting interiors you will actually enjoy spending time in your EarthRoamer.

By carefully designing and engineering every aspect of the interior layout, EarthRoamer XV-LT’s provide space efficiency and flexibility unmatched by any other RV or Xpedition Vehicle. In fact, many much larger vehicles have significantly less useable interior space, storage space and functionality.

Seatback flipped up to create a large butcherblock counter


Configurable Space

When camping, an EarthRoamer XV-LT must take on the functions of a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. After spending hundreds of nights in EarthRoamer XV-LTs and receiving feedback from EarthRoamer owners (many who live full time in their XV-LT) we have perfected an interior layout that is both functional and livable. To make efficient use of space our design features configurable spaces depending on the task at hand. When more counterpace is needed, the passenger side seat-back flips up to create an additional 3 ½ feet of counter space. In a similar manner, the bathroom door and closet door can be latched together to create a changing room and increase the size of the bathroom, the dining table can be expanded or swung out of the way and used as an end table, and the dining area can be converted into an additional bed.

King size over-cab bed shown with optional cabinet on passenger side


Overcab King Size Bed

A primary design objective with all of our Xpedition Vehicles is to maximize useable interior space while keeping the exterior dimensions as small as possible, and a cab-over bed is absolutely critical to meeting this design objective with our XV-LT model line. Placing the bed over the truck cab enables efficient use of space above the truck cab that is normally wasted and provide space for a generous king size bed. The inherent strength of our molded composite body allows us to build a much longer cab-over body than is possible with flat panel construction which frees up valuable camper space.

This is really roomy!

Eliminating the need for propane and a generator frees up more space, and keeping water tanks, fuel tanks and batteries below the camper further increases useable interior space. In addition, EarthRoamer XV-LTs feature many large windows and a large roof hatch which provides a bright interior and lets you enjoy the views around you. All of these design elements taken collectively result in a roomy and bright interior that is comfortable and highly functional. Almost universally, the first words we hear when someone steps inside an EarthRoamer XV-LT for the first time is, “I can’t believe how much room there is – it is much more roomy than I thought it would be!”, usually followed with “pictures don’t do it justice”. After we give the tour, the final response is usually, “Wow, you guys have thought of everything!”

We obviously can’t provide the living space of a large Class A motor home with multiple slide outs, but with our efficient interior, compact size, and ability to drive off road, we’ll keep you comfortable when inside and guarantee you the biggest back yard!