On Road

As much as we would like to imagine that the majority of our time in an EarthRoamer will be spent camping in remote and exotic places, the fact of the matter is you will likely spend a significant amount of time driving on improved roads before reaching that perfect camp spot. Being able to cover long distances comfortably at highway speeds becomes more than just a luxury when you are on an extended expedition. Many RVs and expedition vehicles on the market are simply not capable of traveling safely and comfortably at sustained highway speeds. Most large commercial and military trucks are designed for hauling large, heavy loads at relatively slow speeds and driver comfort is at best an afterthought.

Ford F-550 Lariat Cab Features

The Lariat interior ot the Ford F-550 rivals many luxury car interiors

Ford offers the same Lariat premium interior on its F-550 models as it does on its best selling F-250 & F-350 models. This interior far exceeds the quality of interiors found in typical commercial trucks. With standard features like heated and ventilated 10-way power leather captain’s chairs, adjustable pedals and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel and generous leg room, you will feel like you are driving a luxury car and quickly forget that you are behind the wheel of a supremely capable Xpedition Vehicle.

Standard EarthRoamer XV-LT seating for Crew and Super Cab trucks is two captain’s chairs up front and a bench seat in the rear which provides total in-cab seating for five adults. Most buyers choose the optional shortened rear bench seat to provide an aisle to facilitate moving between the cab and camper which reduces in-cab seating to four people. Other seating options include a front bench seat which makes a total in-cab seating capacity of six possible. We can also replace the small rear seats with adjustable captain’s chairs or eliminate the rear seats entirely. With the rear seats removed we can install our optional “dog platform” or build custom storage cabinets.

View looking aft into the camper from the front seats

One of many features that distinguishes the EarthRoamer XV-LT from other RV’s and expedition vehicles is the large truck to camper pass-through. By cutting a panel below the rear window and removing the rear truck glass, a generous opening is created between the cab and the camper. If the weather is bad, security is a concern, or a passenger just wants to grab something out of the fridge or use the bathroom while moving, simply move from the cab to the camper without ever leaving the truck.
For entertainment, navigation and communication you are limited only by your imagination. We have installed every aftermarket system imaginable including HAM radios, Garmin GPS, laptop mounts, satellite phones and high end audiophile systems.

Comfort & Drivability

Ford continues to make improvements to comfort and drivability with each new generation of their Super Duty truck line. The quietness, smoothness and comfort of the new 6.7 liter trucks introduced in model year 2011 is nothing short of amazing. The Ford designed 6.7 liter is so quiet you can barely hear it running, and it runs so clean that the inside of the exhaust pipe looks like new even after thousands of miles of driving. With a massive 660 lb-ft of torque coupled to a new six speed automatic transmission that features manual shift override and tow/haul mode, EarthRoamer XV-LTs have plenty of acceleration and grade pulling power.

Wheels, Tires & Suspension

EarthRoamer XV-LTs come standard with 41 military tires. These mud and snow rated tires provide long wear and comfortable highway driving, and are suitable for the most challenging four wheel drive trails. Also King Shocks engineered specifically for EarthRoamer,  large 1.5 inch diameter heavy duty front and rear anti sway bars, and air ride suspension is all installed to not only help off road performance, but also on road comfort. By keeping heavy items like water tanks, fuel tanks, batteries, winches and air compressors at frame level, and using a lightweight composite camper body, the center of gravity is kept very low. With its low center of gravity, the effects of on road driving nuisances such as wind, uneven lanes and others are greatly reduced.

By using large radiuses on the camper body corners, crosswinds have a much smaller effect than on vehicles with sharp corners. Finally, the long wheelbase of the XV-LT and a seating position well behind the front axle minimizes the effect of bumps on the driver and passengers. On cabover trucks and van conversions, the effect of bumps on the driver and passenger is much more pronounced since the driver is much closer to the front axle. An optional air ride suspension is available that improves ride quality even further.