Off Road

Trail South of Klondike Bluffs, Arches National Park, Utah

The ability to drive off road on trails and unimproved roads is the single most important factor separating tradition RVs from EarthRoamer XVs. While four wheel drive is a necessary requirement for off road driving, four wheel drive alone is not enough. Without sufficient ground clearance, robust tires with aggressive tread patterns, a low center of gravity, good articulation and sufficient power, no vehicle will make it very far once it leaves pavement. With a limited slip differential and good ground clearance the base Ford F-550 4X4 is a very capable off road vehicle, but after we perform our EarthRoamer XV-LT conversion it becomes an incredibly capable off road monster.

Tires, Wheels and Ground Clearance

We replace the stock 32 inch diameter, 6 inch wide 10 ply tires with our standard 41 inch diameter, 12 inch wide, 22 ply military tires which dramatically increases both traction and ground clearance. We also convert the factory dual rear wheels (DRWs) to single rear wheels (SRWs). Converting to SRWs eliminates the problems DRW vehicles have on trails with tracking poorly and getting flats when rocks become lodged in between the DRWs. The 41 inch military tire is designed to carry very heavy loads even when aired down, is mounted on an aluminum military bead-lock rim and improves minimum ground clearance by 57% to a massive 12.4 inches!


Factory shocks are replaced with King off-road shocks and the factory anti-sway bars are replaced with heavy duty anti-sway all specifically engineered for EarthRoamer. Additionally, air ride suspension is installed (two wheel in the rear, singles per wheel in the front) to provides the ability to raise and lower each wheel or axle independently, to improve clearances, and to level the vehicle. The air ride suspension also substantially improves ride quality.

Approach, Departure and Break-over Angles

Approach, departure and break-over angles are substantial with our conversion. By Upgrading to the 41 inch military tires and installing the air ride suspension, EarthRoamer maximizes ground clearance, approach, departure and break-over angles and achieves the maximum in off-road capability. A standard on-board high capacity air compressor makes it easy to air tires back up after airing down on trails.

Near Klondike Bluffs, Arches National Park, Utah


Lighting and Recovery

Optional high intensity discharge (HID) lights will turn nighttime trails to daylight and optional front and rear winches with synthetic rope and an optional heavy duty recovery kit will get you moving again if you get stuck.