EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles


EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles (XVs) offer capability, comfort, quality and convenience unmatched by typical Recreational Vehicle (RVs). An EarthRoamer XV is a compact, energy efficient, solar powered luxury home, built on a four-wheel drive, Ford F-550 truck chassis, and powered by a quiet, efficient and powerful turbo diesel engine. EarthRoamer XVs offer unprecedented versatility, style, quality, and ease of operation.

EarthRoamer XVs are unlike any other vehicle on the market. Unlike conventional RVs that depend on noisy generators and campground electrical connections for power, EarthRoamer XVs use massive solar panel arrays, engine driven alternators and huge battery banks to provide quiet and environmentally responsible power. All EarthRoamer XVs feature strong, lightweight, one-piece composite bodies which are unmatched in their safety and durability.

Break free from the limitations of an RV and experience the adventure of an EarthRoamer XV. Whether it’s a long weekend at the lake or an extended trip around the world, an EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicle is the civilized way to escape civilization!

With an EarthRoamer XV you can…

  • Travel safely and reliably to remote places, even on very rough roads and trails.
  • Travel comfortably at highway speeds with up to six adults seated in a spacious cab and up to ten more people in the camper depending on options and model chosen.
  • Enjoy a secure and weatherproof shelter with all of the comforts of home.
  • Be totally self-contained and independent of external water, sewer and power hookups.
  • Be environmentally responsible by running completely on renewable solar power and bio-diesel.

All EarthRoamer XV models are designed to carry passengers safely and comfortably over long distances, in all weather conditions both on and off road. Elegance and smart functionality come together in the luxurious living quarters which provide a comfortable place to eat, sleep, shower and relax when taking a break from driving or exploring. With hard wood cabinetry, leather seating, granite counters, convection microwave, forced air furnace, air-conditioning, king-size bed and a private bathroom with shower, you will always be comfortable in your luxury condo on wheels. 

EarthRoamer XV-LT (Ford F-550 based)

Crew Cab Ford F-550 Based EarthRoamer XV-LT

The XV-LT model is the best selling expedition vehicle in the Unites States with over 160 vehicles on the road today. All EarthRoamer XV-LTs are built on Ford F-550 chassis trucks with 6.7L turbo diesel engines. Two different Ford cab options (Super Cab and Crew Cab) and two different EarthRoamer camper body sizes (LT and LT Stretch) combine to give you four possible XV-LT configurations.

If maximum maneuverability and off-road capability is your objective, the Super Cab XV-LT is the shortest and most lightweight option in the line up. At the other end of the spectrum, if maximum cab and camper space is your priority, the Crew Cab XV-LT Stretch is 27.5 feet long and provides comfortable in-cab seating and sleeping quarters for up to four adults.



EarthRoamer XV-HD (Ford F-750 based)

XV-HD Concept

XV-HD Concept

EarthRoamer has been designing, building and perfecting its Xpedition Vehicles since 2002. The current XV-LT model has been a huge success with over 160 trucks on the road and a proven track record for performance and quality. With the XV-HD, EarthRoamer takes the luxury off-grid concept to new heights. Featuring massive solar arrays, a huge battery bank, 46” military tires, 200 gallons of fresh water, washer/dryer, and so much more all on a four wheel drive F-750 chassis, the HD is the ultimate adventure rig.

“The HD is our most innovative product yet,” says Tyler Tatro, President and COO of EarthRoamer. “It will utilize state-of-the-art construction and systems to bring comfort and functionality to the next level.” Production began on the first XV-HD in early 2016.