Environmental Commitment

EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles™ are a responsible way to enjoy the outdoors and we strongly support the Tread Lightly!® pledge:

Travel and recreate with minimum impact
Respect the environment and the rights of others
Educate yourself—plan and prepare before you go
Allow for future use of the outdoors—leave it better than you found it
Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles are designed  to minimize their impact on the environment to allow future enjoyment of the outdoors for generations to come. Design decisions we have made that support the Tread Lightly philsophy include:

  • High output, roof mounted solar panels use solar energy as a primary renewable energy source
  • All lighting fixtures and appliances are ultra high efficiency minimizing energy requirements
  • Turbocharged diesel engine is extremely efficient
  • Engine, stove, air heater and water heater can use either biodiesel fuel or conventional diesel fuel interchangeably
  • B20 Biodiesel fuel can be used to substantially reduce emissions (see benefits of bio-diesel below)
  • Cassette toilet minimizes black water waste volume and can use environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free holding tank treatment
  • Small waste volume and easy handling of cassette toilet enable and encourage responsible disposal of human waste
  • Super insulated camper shell reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling
  • Large solar panels and high capacity batteries eliminate the need for a noisy generator, allowing the pulse of nature to be enjoyed against a background of silence

EarthRoamer is a proud member of the Biodiesel Alliance. B20 biodiesel fuel can be used in EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles (as well as any other diesel fueled engine). Biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel, and it is OK to switch back and forth between biodiesel and conventional diesel. Biodiesel stations are opening up across the country, check out this link to find a biodiesel pump near you. Biodiesel has many advantages over gasoline and diesel fuels:

  • Biodiesel is non-toxic
  • Biodiesel is biodegradable
  • Biodiesel poses no threat to human health
  • Biodiesel is a renewable resource
  • Biodiesel can be used in unmodified diesel engines
  • Biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil
  • Biodiesel provides significant economic benefit to farmers and rural areas
  • Biodiesel is much better for the environment than petroleum diesel fuels