About Us

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EarthRoamer Sets the Standard

EarthRoamer is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of four wheel drive, go anywhere motor-homes that we call Xpedition Vehicles. In 2002 EarthRoamer coined the term “Xpedition Vehicle” or “XV” to differentiate our vehicles from traditional “Recreational Vehicles” or “RVs”. One year later we set a new standard for functionality and quality when we completed our prototype all weather, all season vehicle that was designed from the ground-up to be capable of traveling over all types of terrain while providing a luxurious camping experience – all without the need for water, sewer or electrical hookups. We named this vehicle the EarthRoamer XV-LT. The “XV” stands for Xpedition Vehicle, and the “LT” is for Luxury Terrain. The XV-LT is an Xpedition Vehicle with a luxurious interior designed to travel over all types of terrain.

It’s an XV – NOT an RV!

The EarthRoamer XV was designed, engineered and constructed to address the many shortcomings of traditional RVs. With its one piece molded composite body, three point camper mounting system, massive solar panel array, incredible off-road capability and elimination of the need for volatile propane or a noisy generator, the EarthRoamer XV-LT was an instant hit. Adventurous people who appreciated good design, engineering and craftsmanship who were frustrated with the limitations and poor quality of traditional RVs immediately embraced the EarthRoamer XV-LT and sales grew rapidly.

The EarthRoamer Family

From our humble beginnings as an Xpedition Vehicle manufacturer in 2002 with only two employees, what we like to call “The EarthRoamer Family” of employees, and owners has grown dramatically. EarthRoamer now provides jobs and incomes for dozens of Colorado craftsman and their families, and the EarthRoamer family of satisfied owners now numbers in the hundreds. EarthRoamer employs a dedicated full-time staff of craftsman with specialized skills and experience in cabinetmaking, woodworking, wiring, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, off road suspensions, metalworking, welding and diesel mechanics. Our professional staff has skills and training in 3D CAD, engineering, and systems design. EarthRoamer employees understand the value of craftsmanship and quality, and we take pride in the world class products that we build.

All sales, service and new vehicle production is performed at our Colorado facility and we have made a conscious choice to not sell through dealers. Selling factory direct enables us to work with and get to know each customer’s specific needs and better meet their requirements. Selling factory direct also allows us to provide more value to EarthRoamer owners by eliminating useless dealer markups which frequently equal 30% or more of a typical RVs selling price. Ever notice the hundreds of RVs in inventory at large RV dealerships? Who do you think pays the inventory carrying costs on those RVs? Yes, you guessed it, RV buyers. We hand build every EarthRoamer to order so we have no finished inventory carrying costs to pass on to customers and no obsolete inventory costs to pass along – and you get a custom built Xpedition Vehicle tailored to meet your unique requirements.