XV-LT #53 – SOLD!

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Explore the world in this immaculate 2007 Silver Crew Cab XV-LT. EarthRoamer redefines luxury camping, offering you unparalleled comfort, capability, and the ability to travel off-road and stay off-grid for extended periods of time. Designed as a true 4-season rig, this XV-LT will keep you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and breezy in the summer. Intelligent features like a hidden bunk ladder, expandable dining table, hidden safe, additional bunk cabinet storage, and more help maximize space, while the solar and battery package, rugged 37″ Michelin tires and reliable 4×4 F-550 chassis get you where you want to go.

ER #53 is currently undergoing our 500+ point inspection and reconditioning process, and will be ready to drive home soon. To reserve this EarthRoamer with a deposit, schedule a visit, or find out more please call 303-833-7330 ext 306 or email annie@earthroamer.com

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53 Side Driver(resized)

#53 Specs Sheet Photo

53 3:4 Front Driver(resized) 53 3:4 Front Passenger(resized) 53 Front(resized) 53 Side Passenger(resized)

53 3:4 Rear Driver(resized) 53 3:4 Rear Passenger(resized) 53 Rear(resized)

53 Interior Rear(resized)

53 Interior Front(resized)

53 Bunk(resized) 53 Living Room Driver(resized) 53 Living Room Passenger(resized) 53 Passthrough(resized) 53 Truck Interior(resized)

5 17


152 Side Passenger(resized)

XV-LTS #152

16,850 miles
EarthRoamer Certified™

ER 135.31.38-small

2013 XV-LTS #135 – SOLD!

40,650 miles
EarthRoamer Certified™

53 Side Driver(resized)

XV-LT #53 – SOLD!

60,200 miles
EarthRoamer Inspected™