Joe & Sue Rickenbacher

by Joe Rickenbacher

At the end of December 2010, after 31 years and 2 months working for the same firm, I retired. While I was looking forward to this moment, I was, at the same time, also a little bit scared. What will I do with the time which, all of a sudden, seems to be available in abundance? Will I nerve my wife who might wish that I should find a job again to get out of her hair or will we, together, be able to define a new life which is obviously quite different from what we had before?

Our trip through the US and Canada will start in Denver and we intend to travel first to Alaska by taking the ferry from Port Hardy, BC to Prince Rupert, BC and then we will drive through British Columbia to Whittier, AK. We hope to arrive at the beginning of June and then spend about a month sightseeing in Alaska. We will enter Canada and then drive through Yukon , British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan back into the US, across Montana to Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.

From there we will proceed to Mount Rushmore and back into Canada to Winnipeg and then across Canada to Halifax. We enter the US again in Maine and will then drive all the way south to Key West, Florida. Afterwards we travel round the Gulf of Mexico to California, take Highway 1 up to San Francisco, proceed to Sacramento, Reno and Yosemite National Park. From there we will visit Death Valley, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and hopefully all the National parks in Utah and vicinity. To conclude our journey we will cross the US a last time to New York where we will ship the car to Europe.

At this juncture let me quickly introduces ourselves…

My wife Sue was born in Chicago, USA, and had a very successful career. However, after meeting me she gave it all up and followed me me to Switzerland, where I’m from. The reason for this move was simply that after working in the USA, which I really liked, I received an excellent job offer from my firm which was a significant career step. I  promised that after my retirement she could decide where we would want  to live. We have now decided that we would like to spend time on both  continents. Therefore, we kept our house in Weinfelden, Switzerland and  will buy an apartment in downtown Chicago.

My name is Joe and I was born in Switzerland and started a career as a banker. My job took me to various places in Switzerland, Paris, New York and finally to Chicago where I stayed twice from 1984 to 1988 and 1990 to 1991. It was during my second assignment when I met Sue. After we dated for about five months, I was promoted and had to move back to Switzerland in November 1991. Sue followed in the Spring of 1992 we married on June 1st, 1993. Upon  my retirement Sue will have been living in Switzerland for 19 years  (way too long as she mentions once in a while). She is looking forward  to get back in contact with her own kind.

This is our dog Nera. She still looks like a puppy but is already nine years old. We got her when she was three months old. She is a very friendly dog and she will accompany us on our trip through the United States and Canada.

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