Bill Swails’ Travels

Photographing WildlifeAlaska, August 1999

EarthRoamer Founder and current President & CEO Bill Swails loves adventure, travel and photography. In fact, Bill’s  passion for photographing wildlife and remote landscapes were the catalyst that precipitated the building of the ER2K, which later evolved  into designs for the EarthRoamer XV-LT and XV-HD.

From the days in grade school reading about the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Bill has always been drawn to adventure. Bill has climbed to the top of 41 peaks over 14,000 feet tall in Colorado, California and Washington, driven as far north as Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, and driven as far south as Costa Rica – in EarthRoamers. Recently, Bill took up motorcycling and he  “motorcycled Morocco” in the spring  of 2011 on a BMW F-650 GS. The point is, Bill loves adventure travel and photography, so a small section of this web site will dedicated to letting Bill  “tell the stories” of his travels through his photography, and possibly even a few words. Enjoy!